We power up trainings using VR simulations.

We tranform everyday trainings into VR narratives, where the user gets to practice and polish their skills as they solve challenges witihn a roleplaying story.

We specialize at building VR experiences.

Using  360° video with multipath narratives. We offer the best cost-benefit solution for soft-skills trainings.

How it works

A simple process from theory to practice:

Learning Curriculum for VR

We translate trainers learning curriculm into VR experiences

VR Production

Product is developed using gaming engine and 360 Video.

Accessible anytime, anywhere

The VR headsets are delivered to clients doorsteps, ready to use.

About us

We began our journey in Lund 2020 with a failed effort to build integration programs in VR for immigrants. After a few try-an error we finally found our niche!. Nowadays we are located in the Stockholm but remain in close contact with Lund / Malmo and CPH as we have projects there.

We are looking for collaborators to build the future of VR Learning narratives. Drop us an email or a vist if you wish to test the product.

Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship

Ideon Innovation


"Climate change, massive migrations, raise of AI, space colonization.. all these challenges require us a faster user transformation process. We truly believe VR can make these transformations faster and more human friendly, giving us the necessary edge needed to build a better future."

Jaime Lugo – Founder

We are happy to discuss with you!

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