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A perfect mixture of VR skills and Learning experts.

The Company

The Virtual Submarine!

We began our journey in Lund 2020 with a failed effort to build  programs in Virtual Reality to help immigrants to integrate faster to the Swedish Culture.

It was very easy to see the power of transformation VR brings. After a few try-an error we finally found our niche with soft-skills!.

We just finished our first prototype and are on a journey to speed up soft-skill learning with outstanding learning narratives in VR. 

The first logo - back in June 2020

Our Team

Jaime Lugo – Founder and Head of Product

12 years experience on product creation process at adidas, with plenty expeirnece in the whole cycle from idea creation to product delivery. Passionate  for learning, storytelling and VR technology.


“Climate change, massive migrations, raise of AI, space colonization.. all these challenges require us a faster user transformation process. We truly believe VR can make these transformations faster and more human friendly, giving us the necessary edge needed to build a better future.”



Isabelle Fredborg – Founder and Head of Marketing

10 years’ experience in Content marketing for multiple startups and owner of her own company “Swedish Spoon” where she not only offers content marketing services for sustainable business, but as well she brings the best cooking recepies from Swedish cuisine!.


“We have a great opportunity at hand to make learning more fun, engaging and inclusive for everyone. The X-factor is the focus on storytelling, everyone gets the chance to play the hero in the training!



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We are located in between Denmark and Sweden. Currently formalizing final location.

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