The Job interview training

A training for recent graduates so that they can excel at any interview situation.

The problem at hand

90% of all people report stress before an interview, with many of them highlighting the pressure of “How to answer the question properly?” and “how to leave a good social impression?” as the key factors.

Unfortunately, to get better one has to practice, but is not easy to find practice solutions for job interviews. Friends will not make the situation feel real and coaches tend to be expensive and not always accessible.


The solution: A set of simulations to build knowledge, awareness and practice.

The idea is simple, to provide usersa journey of 8 to 10 simulations where they get to experience multiple interviews

Students not only get to practice their answers, but they as well get the chance to play the role of an interviewer, an essential perspective to build higher understanding of the whole process.

The product is developed in English and accesible in different formats.

Training content developed with experts on the matter, combined with a VR gamified experience.

All the material was developed in collaboration with HR professionals and the Lund 

We combined their insides with the best practices for gaming design, skill development and usage of VR.

The content - Social Skills

Module 1 – Introduction to Interviews

A series of simulations that lets the user familiarize with the most common interview types, the screening and the expertise kinds of interviews. 

We address common behavioural issues such as “lack of interest”, “arrogance and narrow mindedness” and “lack of confidence”. The objective is for the user to have a full understanding of the objectives of these interviews and which behaviors will enable one to excel at them.

Video will be updated after filming (Q1 2023)

Module 2 – How to answer the key questions.

Once the basic behaviuors are covered, we focus on providing guidance for the most important interview questions. We take the classics and a few soft-skills and technical questions.

This module includes general information, several examples and guidance on how to build ones answers for each of the questions. 

Video will be updated after filming (Q1 2023)


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