Using VR for Learning

A journey of simulations to slowly build up skill proficency. VR as a medium for transformation.

In a nutshell

We maximize the user transformation powers of "VR as a medium".

By strategic construction of learning journeys, design simulations and employment of gameful activities to effectively drive behavioural transformation.

The theoretical inspirations

What are some of the results

We want to keep pushing the boundaries on VR story design.

Through our learning journeys we have explored the many facets of how to construct narratives, playing with different archetypes, objectives and gaming mechanics.

The long term objective is to have the best story architectures that match a learning journey. In simple words, we explore the answer, how many simulations are needed for one to develop a specific skill?

Each simulation varies on emotional intensity and cognitive challenge, while some of them are mostly to build familiarity, others are more demanding on the user to take decisions, it is this combination that builds long term retention and confidence in execution.

This is an exciting journey not only for the learning and developing field, but for VR as well.

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We are located in between Denmark and Sweden. Currently formalizing final location.

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