VR solutions for Trainers

We can complement a wide variety of trainings with our easy to use simulation approach.

In a nutshell

We enhance trainings at multiple touch points.

With our creation toolbox we can quickly create simulations for a wide variety of trainings.

Three key touchpoints.

An adaptable service for multiple skills

The methodology is very flexible in application and thanks to the toolbox approach we have, we can quickly support trainings such as  as Onboarding program, Complience or Corporate Culture. 

Below you will see a snapshot of how we use VR for specific skill development.

Conflict Management

Our very first prototype has been a training journey in the development of conflict competence. In this video you see a snapshot of a simulation where you have to cool down the situation before engaging in any dialogue.

We have translated many common training concepts, such as the famous Thomas Kilmann conflict resolution mode, assesstment exercises and difficult discussions.

Onboarding programs (video coming soon)

A training needed everywhere and very often, which has such an impact in the employee engagement and its ability to perform in the company.

In this example we show the basic structure of an onboarding program for a retailer, which would be a combination of demonstrations, activities and roleplaying depending on the function.

Diversity and Inclusion

A very important topic that is commonly addressed with only theory and rarely one gets the chance to practice. In this simulation we get a case with clear D&I issues, in which the user is confronted with multiple interest.

Although we only explored one simulation, the feedback from end-users at management level has been very strong. It would be relatively easily to build a full training like this with a strong connection with psychological safety at the workplace.

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